Countertop Resurfacing

At Magic Tubs, we offer countertop resurfacing. Similar to the prep work of a bathtub, all latex and caulking must be removed from the counter. Using sand paper and a mechanical clean, we remove any grease and residue that may be on the surface. If there are areas of burn marks or chips on the counter we use a filler product to fix those areas. 

Please note that swelled joints from water damage are not something resurfacing can fix. Once the area has been taped and masked we apply 3 layers of base coat. Speckling with additional colours is available as well. For this application, we use an epoxy product, which is available in most colours. This procedure is ideal for simply changing the colour of your countertop, fixing imperfections or updating the space easily with no construction needed. This process takes 3-5 hours to complete based on the size of the counter and is ready to use the very next day.

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Resurface and Refinish

We provide bathtub resurfacing services to restore your bathroom fixtures.

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