Bathtub Refinishing

Magic Tubs offers bathtub refinishing services. Our resurfacing process starts with removing any silicone from around the edge of the bathtub. We then give the tub a mechanical clean, using sand paper and chemicals for a real deep clean of the surface, removing any soap scum or grime. We then apply an etching acid, dulling the surface which allows the paint to bond thoroughly to the fixture. 

This application can be used on all ceramic, porcelain and metal surfaces. We tape and mask off the areas around the bathtub. Several coats of primer, as well as high gloss paint, are applied to the bathtub ensuring that a good amount of product is on the surface. Once completed, the tape and masking film is removed and silicone is replaced where applicable.

This procedure generally takes 3-5 hours to complete based on the condition of the bathtub. In cases where the bathtub has been resurfaced previously, an additional step of stripping off the old paint is required before we can start this procedure. An additional cost is applied for this step (see Pricing for more info).

Resurfacing, re-glazing, and refinishing are all interchangeable terms for the same process. This process is where a chemical coating is applied over the existing finish of a fixture. Please understand, this IS NOT PORCELAIN. Most commonly we can apply this process to bathtubs, tiles and sinks. With proper care and maintenance, your fixture can last 6-10 years.

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Resurface and Refinish

We provide bathtub resurfacing services to restore your bathroom fixtures.

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